Women reproductive health is one of the serious health issues in Nepal. Uterine prolapse, the “Neglected Tragedy” of Nepal shame, fears, Sigma surrounds a debilitating affliction that plague 10 percent in Nepal. Women health is not a medical issue alone, such facts as education, nutrition, sanitation, water, access to economic resources and the power to make decisions are very important.

Since women health was serious health issue, team of being youth organized two days free health camp on women’s reproductive health on 12th and 13th February 2021 in Thaha Municipality with the objectives of providing health services to those who are deprived of getting proper health facilities due to various reasons.

A team of senior gynecologist, general physician, and skilled nurse along with other medical team was arranged with necessary medical equipment and medicines for health camp. During the camp 250 females were benefited with different reproductive issues treatment, counseling and necessary medicines.

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